Emigrantångeren "Calypso" lämner Göteborg primo 1900  Id: 3951337

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Wilson Line S/S Calypso, built 1904

- October 2004 -

The Calypso was engaged in the conveyance of Scandinavian emigrants to Hull for many years. She was originally built for the Gothenburg service, but also served on the Kristiania route for some years. When built in 1904 she was the largest passenger ship in the Scandinavian feeder service. One of the reasons for selecting this ship's image as picture of the month, is that it is 100 years since she was launched this year.

Through her time in service on the Scandinavian routes she conveyed thousands of emigrants on the first part of their long sea voyage to their new homeland. There was accommodation for 45 1st-class, 46 2nd-class and 200 steerage passengers. An additional 570 passengers could be carried in temporary accommodations on the between deck, which could else be used for cargo. Her three cargo holds were refrigerated for the carriage of fish and other fresh foods.

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Stemplet HALMSTAD 1904
Velkommen med bud omkring s CANDINAVISK EMIGRATNHISTORIE

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