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A1 I'm Afflicted

B1 Be Aware

Too freaked out for punks and too punked out for freaks, Steve Hall stalked the nascent British Punk/DIY scene under the guise of Afflicted (later Afflicted Man)throughout the early ‘80s to the interest of almost no one. Hiding in plain sight, Hall unleashed a string of 7-inches and LPs that evoked a singular and unique take on the punk sneer made fashionable by the Sex Pistols and their minion. Primitively blending elements of psychedelia and dub over his feral, chainsaw approach, Afflicted Man unleashed a miasma of tripped out, fuzzy aggro thrashers that would eventually climax into a masterpiece of pedal stomping carnage.

Easily one of the UK's strangest and ignored DIY punk bands.

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